75 Years Of Bliss

How old do you think this tree is?

As we walk in the woods, just looking at the girth of some trees gives us an idea that some have been there for a really long time. To live over 75 years is a long time and this is exactly how long “Umbrella” Corporation has asked to keep their data from being released to the public regarding their lifesaver. Ignorance truly is bliss—for the whole world they are pushing this on. My sister informed me about her “transhuman” tendency of being magnetic. She recently received her second hocus poke. I suppose this side effect is just one of the reasons why they are keeping the public in such a blissful state, besides the possibility of having leg amputations and a droopy face for some.

How about you? Are you suffering in silence because of this lifesaver? While some people are talking bad about some Evangelical “anti-vaxxers” who have become the spectacle for the media as casualties from the highly-survivable flu, at least they returned to God not capitulating to this medical deception. Though they have departed, they are alive where they are, just as we are in the realm of the living. I am hoping they really did commit their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Looking at how fast things are aligning to Bible prophecy, even though we may not be around long enough to know about what’s in the elixir that is looking more and more to be an annual prescription, the folks who want to shove this to the whole world can pretty much get away with asking for more time while they are forcing it hastily on everybody… The injustice… At this point, we can only wait for God’s justice since even the judges in this country have turned a blind eye and they claim to be Conservative judges.

“Truth is nowhere to be found,
and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey.

The LORD looked and was displeased
that there was no justice.”

Isaiah 59:15


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