A Message That Never Dies

I grabbed this picture from a post written in January 2020. It’s funny it has a bird on it too. I had no idea that year was going to be the worst year I would ever experience in my life (I have no plans on being around for the Great Tribulation), not just mine, but every world citizen. Amid domestic concerns, humanity had to deal with the foretaste of a lockdown that was implemented on a global scale.

The weather has not been delightful lately. It’s part of being in the Northwest. We only get little bursts of sun at this time.

The Scrub Jay, the American Robin and the finches below were all taken within the last 10 days.

This feeder is always a delight. It’s where house finches and Purple finches overlook their characteristic differences to feed. The cute little sparrow below reminds me of my family’s condition. It shows that no creature is exempt from the fact of uncertainty.

Runtime: 1:30

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