As Fleeting As A Flower

Sat, 31 July 2021 08:55:01 AM

The flower above is the same one you see below. The petals got blown away. This was the same flower that got visited by the bee on this post.

Sun, 08 August 2021 04:05:13 PM
Sun, 08 August 2021 04:01:45 PM

This burgundy beauty is a stunted flower. The head is only 2 1/8 inches in diameter! Even though this is stunted, a sunflower is still a sunflower. God willing, I will still collect the seeds. Hopefully, the seeds from this will grow normal sized flowers when sown.

Sun, 08 August 2021 04:03:10 PM

Mortals, born of woman,
are of few days and full of trouble.

2They spring up like flowers and wither away;
like fleeting shadows, they do not endure.

3Do you fix your eye on them?
Will you bring them before you for judgment?

4Who can bring what is pure from the impure?
No one!

5A person’s days are determined;
you have decreed the number of his months
and have set limits he cannot exceed.

Job 14:1-5

Agenda & Agenda 2 is showing on Epoch TV until the end of this month. If you have not seen these documentaries, they are worth watching.


  1. 🙌
    (I was just checking out our son’s sunflower patch and it’s starting look shabby! )

    1. Sunflowers spaced really close grow with smaller heads which is what I prefer than the large ones in the fields grown for reasons other than aesthetics. Some heads are already turning yellow, but they don’t get to the point where the shape gets warped compared to the variety with larger heads.

  2. I realized I have the Agenda movie! I’ve had it for awhile! I rewatched it and will watch #2 !

    1. Yeah, Agenda has been brought to the spotlight since 2016, but it’s great that EpochTV is putting both out there for those who do not own it especially at this time. It shows people the reason why the United States is transitioning to a Socialist state. Socialism is compatible to the coming antichrist system, therefore, America has to be undone.

  3. Re: “Socialism is compatible to the coming antichrist system, therefore, America has to be undone.”

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