Coffee, Chit Chat & What not

Good Morning to you. I was itching to post about coffee yesterday and took some pictures of coffee in a demitasse, something I enjoy with my husband twice a day, maybe even more sometimes but since I suffer from being a perfectionist, I didn’t like any of the pictures I took so I was left with no entry for yesterday.

I started blogging in the days of Geocities. Remember the main free webhosting site in the 90’s? I remember blogging about living life as a New York City bum even for one night. Although I didn’t look like one, I skated all over the city ALL day that one particular day. It was so late I just didn’t feel like going home so I slept on one of the benches by Rockefeller Center and I remember being shooed by one of the security guards. That was pretty insane although he could have gotten a clue I wasn’t going to be a permanent bench dweller. I was there simply because it was my choice not to go home. Imagine those who really have no place to call home. The fact is real homeless people are probably treated far worse by that same security guard. I thought he was pretty mean. It was an eye opener.

Fast forward to 2008, I got my dedicated server for my blog with and I took to blogging just as a journal for when I felt like talking about something but couldn’t really talk to someone. I tried to be regular when it came to entries but I only wrote whenever it came. I always disdained having to write something just for the sake of being consistent. My philosophy is to write something because I am compelled to write when the words just flowed naturally. It didn’t have to be forced. I was alone in my server for years and just wrote without even thinking people would read it. I always did think if God wanted a specific person to read what I wrote, He would simply direct the person to my blog. I still cling to the same hope even to this day. If you are reading my stuff, it’s because God sent you to read my stuff and vice versa.

I probably will be going awol from the blogosphere for awhile due to homeschool related issues and also with my excitement over fall which happens to be one of my favorite seasons. I’m hoping I won’t drift into carnality with my fall fashion obsession. I did read my bible today. I was intending to read only one chapter but ended up reading three.

God gives us certain desires for things (to clarify, I’m not talking about ungodly desires but more like hobbies and such) and as long as they don’t become a priority over seeking Him, we are okay. Anyway, if you haven’t had coffee yet, go grab a cup and Cheers to an eventful day!


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