Creation Over Chaos & Confusion

Whichever way we look, the whole world is being set up to fail. No one wipes a computer unless a virus has completely made a system run amok and truly, they have used a virus. Though medical, it’s more of a mental/psychological virus. According to the final book in the Bible, it all goes down from here. This isn’t pessimism, but an outward expression of reality hitting us in the face amidst all the doublespeak that’s dominating the airwaves. They’ve come so far to initiate their fourth industrial revolution via DNA editing software administered through what is marketed as vaccines. This could possibly be one of the world’s grand delusion which is tied to evolution. We are seeing agents of evolution and their survival of the fittest mentality. These “scientism” agents reject the notion of God as the ultimate agent. To be logically consistent with the evolutionary theory, it’s supposed to take millions of years for humanity to evolve to humanity 2.0, but of course not. People mock about the biblical account of creation within six days. Considering the finite nature of man, creating complex structures can take months, years and decades. However, as they have gotten their way to “hack” DNA, the “software of life” as one of the human 2.0 engineers coined it, they can circumvent the evolutionary requirement of millions of years and conveniently use the whole world population as the guinea pigs for their grand experiment. Their main rejection of God is not really because He doesn’t exist and that there’s no evidence. Their own actions destroy their argument. They reject God simply because they want to be gods. The very notion comes from the adversary,

“I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.”

Isaiah 14:14 NIV

“…They say, one day, soon, they’ll have clinics in Switzerland where you can go and you’ll sign a form and they’ll take your brain and download it into the cloud… I wanna live forever… as information coz that’s what transhumans are…”

This sounds more like Satan’s counterfeit eternity to me. The scene above (Runtime: 3:16 mins)  also exposes that the transgender movement is only just a smoke screen for transhumanism which is the end game.

Runtime: 3:48 mins.

The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly, festering sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.”

Revelation 16:2 NIV

If this is their agenda hidden in plain sight, the transhuman components implanted or tattooed on people (assuming it would have metals–think microwave effect) can possibly cause the unwanted consequences of sores breaking out on those who decide to go the transhumanist route or taking the Mark of the beast. The transhuman agenda is deeply connected to this system since the mark ties the person to currency and data.

My hermit hobby has kept me off the computer. This little bit here is for those who actually wonder why I barely blog anymore. I’d rather create than constantly react and bemoan the fate of the country and the whole world. If you’re curious about my thoughts on illegal immigration (more like illegal invasion really), you can access it here.


I choose God than the counterfeit eternity that the god of this world offers and my hope is that in your own time, you will too.

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  1. Yes!! This whole post!! GLORY TO GOD!!

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