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Cupcake Monday

I was at the grocery store and bam… it hit me. Why not make a strawberry and red velvet cupcake? and so I did. As you can see, those are the naked cupcakes I baked today.

I started around 1 and ended up a few minutes short before I had to prepare dinner. It was quite grueling. I should have started baking earlier. I wanted to decorate the cupcakes with intricate designs but I ran out of time.

My baby Chloe was crying her butt off and had to stop what I was doing. I found out the reason for her fuss was that she had started to develop a diaper rash… Not that I didn’t change her but you know what’s in feces… need I say more?

Here is the finished Red velvet cupcake. I call it “Nutty Love Red Velvet.” I decided to explore rather than putting the usual Cream cheese frosting on it. I used Nutella Hazelnut spread and topped it off with peanuts… so that explains nutty love.

As for the strawberry batch, I frosted it with strawberry frosting with a little strawberry design on top. It would have been nice to have real strawberries but it would be an overstatement since the cupcake in itself has strawberry bits in it.

I still had some cupcakes left to frost and it was time for me to make dinner. I had to rush and I just wanted to get it over with so I just basically frosted the rest of the Red velvet cupcakes with the Cream cheese frosting version of “Nutty Love” and a very simple flowery swirl.

To top my day off, the mailman came and delivered a cake decorating book I ordered a week ago… I am soooo excited I can’t wait to try on some of the ideas they have on there…

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