Love takes no pleasure in evil, but rejoices in the truth ♥ 1 Corinthians 13:6

Day Two

ornDia Dos of Diciembre. Okay, don’t challenge my Spanish skills. I wrote it the way I did simply because I wanted to use all the d’s and take a crack at alliteration. I am well aware it is grammatically incorrect but just humor me.

This entry is a tribute to the soon obsolete Christmas. I know I may be getting a little bit carried away with this but I can’t help but see the onset of Christian persecution. I found out through the ACLJ website that Atheists want all Bibles removed from hotels since the best-selling book of all time is deemed to be a violation of freedom and is quite offensive.

How can a book sitting in a drawer do so much offense when it is solely at the person’s volition to pick it up and actually read it?

Answer: This is a Satanic inspired agenda.

Imagine someone about to cheat on their spouse, or someone wanting to commit suicide… They somehow open their hotel drawer and find a Bible sitting there. As they open the pages, it speaks to them and convicts them that what they are about to do is wrong… and since our society today suffers from moral relativism, of course Atheists would find this life-giving and spiritual eye-opening book quite offensive.

Anyway, Please, do not take the freedom to celebrate Christmas for granted. Soon enough, the Grinch will truly have its way…

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