Deliberate Mutation

Apart from God’s Word, appreciating the beauty that nature holds is therapeutic to one’s soul. Though my soul is vexed at the current state of national and international affairs, I’ve already written my reaction piece months prior to the mess that we see transpiring. My reaction posts about the godless agenda has garnered counter-attacks from a troll that goes by many names. It is quite easy to hide under masks. That’s why Jesus stresses to all of His followers to be careful of wolves in the guise of a sheep’s costume (Matthew 7:15).

I’m partial to the darker colored sunflowers that grow in the backyard. Quite frankly, I love this country, but it makes me sad when people believe God will continue to bless a country where its leaders have chosen to promote the adversary’s agenda. Revival on a personal level is the goal. Making pronouncements of blessings on a country that has clearly chosen to reject Him can be likened to praying against His will. You cannot continue to ask God to bless a nation that has chosen to empower Israel’s enemies.

… But the bright and cheery appearance of the yellow sunflowers never fail to allure.

Surrender to His will. His will is to develop those who are truly His for what is to come (James 1:2-3). One’s faith remains untested when there is an absence of tribulation.


This was taken yesterday.

Runtime: 1:25

“So be on your guard; I have told you everything ahead of time.

Mark 13:23

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