Fall Fancies


Just my most favorite season out of all and the leaves are definitely turning colors. Who can resist the warm colors of Amber, Rust, Mustard, Camel, Plum, Burgundy etc. Not just really about the colors but more about cooler but not frigid temperatures and although today is projected to be 101 degrees, it is Summer’s last hurrah. The rest of the week will be milder. This will be my first time experiencing Fall in OR since my family moved here during the Winter.

Early morning light


My Autumn Beauty and Velvet Queen have bloomed and I’m obsessed not just with sunflowers but also with bokeh. It just adds a somewhat ethereal quality to any picture. Sunflowers are truly interesting because of its heliotropic mechanism. What exactly is heliotropism? It’s basically the sunflower head tracking the sun’s position. It’s interesting it only does this when the sunflowers are young and close to blooming, but the older they get, it’s like they develop their own volition. It actually stops tracking the sun. In a way, it reminds me so much of people’s spiritual condition; for a time we are inclined to The Light (John 8:12, John 12:46) and at times, we want to turn away and do our own thing. My husband was particularly fascinated when he witnessed the flower heads facing the opposite direction during dusk. When he went out to touch it, the sunflower head was firm and could not be moved and is stuck in that position until it sees the sun again. They are planted right by the kitchen glass door it’s practically what he sees when he brews coffee. As a matter of fact, my husband and I were taking pictures together of the flowers this morning. Extended weekends are just awesome.


Most women are embedded with an obsession for dresses. There are some who are an exception to this of course. My favorite silhouette when I was younger was fit and flare. I never was a fan of sheath dresses. Now that I’m exhibiting undeniable signs of aging which I’m embracing with open arms by going all out gray (the last time I dyed my hair was almost 6 years ago), I have a serious thing going on with shift muumuus. I suppose this is my take on dressing conservatively. They look short on tall women but on me, they are just the right length since I’m short. Maybe I’ll consider the floor length ones several years from now…

Faux Fur

Thinking of doing something with the few skeins of fun fur I have in my stash. Yet again, another funnel neckwarmer which can also serve as a Russian inspired hat – an open ended one. Since today happens to be Labor Day, it’s a good day to make something with my hands (any day would be good really).


  1. Nice pictures…are those really your flowers? And assuming they are, did you take those pictures of them?

    1. Thank you. I planted them in the last week of April and they sure took long to bloom but truly worth the wait. I took the pic this morning. I also took one with my husband standing next to them. Those things happen to be over 6 feet tall!

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