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Fashion Fixation – DIY Satchel

Fabric – The bag’s construction is literally from fabric scraps. It is proof something that is perceived to be scrap can be made into something new.

The taupe gabardine was from a scrapped dress I made awhile back and the microsuede handle, a remnant from our table cloth. So far, I only spent on the stabilizer, zipper and brass purse feet. I reused the D ring from a deconstructed bag but I might need to buy brass to match the feet. I made the mistake of using an iron on fusible stabilizer at first which I had to tear out and replaced it with Pellon Ultra firm sew on instead. I unfortunately just left the fusible on the bag bottom, hence the bumpy texture.

The inside has a cotton broadcloth lining with 1 deep pocket and 2 card pockets on the opposite side.

Fashion – I can get fixated on this and it definitely can be a total distraction, even in my spiritual walk.

Fixation – I was so determined to finish this project. My bag is called “Vertical Insanity” mainly because of the arrows incorporated in the handles, D ring strap and the front detail and the amount of time I spent on it which was borderline insanity on my part. It was not without frustration (plenty of it and even worse, plenty of pin poking (Ouch! really). Despite that, I was looking forward to the end.

Friday – Today! Yay! The day I finally finished my bag. Just so you know, this is the first time I have ever made a handbag. Very happy about how it turned out that’s why it’s on my blog.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. ” scrap can be made into something new”

    I can testify to that. I was scrap until Jesus found me. If you look at it, we are all scrap being put together to reflect someone beautiful, Jesus Christ.

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