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Flakka & Bath Salts: Opening The Door To The Demonic

If it weren’t for Divine intervention, I probably would be dead by now or I could be one of those using Flakka and Bath Salts. These drugs happen to exhibit signs of demonic control and oppression while one is under the influence. The users not only possess supernatural strength, people also happen to hear voices telling them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. This isn’t a palliative… It is nothing more than an illusion. These things are meant to keep people in bondage.

Our society has evolved in a way that even sorcery has become modern. Its product are nothing more than the pills that we take to numb ourselves of the pain, and I’m not talking about literal pain but psychological and emotional pain. It doesn’t help that professionals easily prescribe medications knowing full well that they could be addictive.

When you take any kind of drug, be it prescription (which is oftentimes abused) or illegal, you can be sure it has effects and side effects that alter your consciousness and opens the door to the spiritual realm, the demonic realm. A friend of mine was taking Ambien and shortly after, he started seeing blue orbs in the hallway. Taking drugs can be likened into participating in sorcery believe it or not. The Shamans purposely take Peyote to induce visions.

Before my encounter with Jesus Christ, I was warned by a friend to stay away from stuff I haven’t done before. I took that warning to heart and I’m glad I heeded that day, 15 years ago.

To mothers out there, warn your children of the dangers lying in wait for them. While parents do their best to tell their children to keep away from drugs like my own mother did for me, I can vouch from experience that no amount of warning can stop the curious mind. However, there is something even more powerful than words of warning, and that is the prayer of a hedge of protection over your children.

The enemy is intent to destroy families but our God is stronger than any demonic force that is out there.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

John 10:10

Only Jesus Christ IS the answer.

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