I No Longer Dream Of Paris


I opened my inbox and the first thing I saw was an email blast from Wayfair showcasing their sale on Parisian themes and décor setup from cities all over the world. What caught my eye though was Paris. Out of all the places around the world in their ad campaign, Paris was the only place I spent time on. I never was in Sweden, Morocco, or Mexico, and I can’t count my stopovers (amounting to less than 12 hours give or take combined) in Japan as a legitimate “stay” per se even though I have set foot in that country several times.

It was during the Spring of 1996. I was fortunate enough to go to a school which held a Foreign Exchange program and through that, I was able to experience living in a Parisian household and assuming a Parisian life for 2 weeks and trying to cram as much time to go to the “go to” places, museums, historical sites, etc. Back then, I remember they already had implemented the chip technology on their phone cards, the same chip technology which the credit card companies just recently introduced here in the US. I know 2 weeks is not long enough but it’s a decent amount of time I’d say. Plus, I was getting kinda sick of the rainy weather and was simply missing New York. A lasting bad memory I had of the trip was remembering they needed to implement curb your dog posts because the sidewalks had a lot of dog poop. I must say it’s truly amazing that one email ad could trigger such memories. I haven’t thought about it much at all.

I can’t believe it has been over 20 years. Wow, I am getting old. But as my flesh exhibits the natural course of things, I happen to grace gray hairs, maybe about 20 percent of my black hair, but my mind seems to think I’m still young. Technically I am, but not my current under 4 years shy of 40 age. I believe I still hold to a 20 something mindset even when clearly, I have a high school aged son, and an almost 8 year old daughter. Yikes! The more I type, the clearer it is that I am stuck in my own matrix!

Anyway, back to Paris. What is it about Paris that people just want to go there so badly? The last time I booked a trip to Paris was exactly 10 years after my first encounter which was in 2006 and sad to say, it went kaput! I already made my plans on where to stay and I was completely surprised by my mother’s gesture of having given me a traveler’s check the night before my flight to help me out (I didn’t ask her at all so I was truly and deeply touched). However, I made a mistake relying on New York City’s public transportation to get to the airport and its unexpected delay caused me to miss my flight, but don’t feel bad for me. By a miracle, I happened to get a full refund on my non-refundable ticket booked from Hotwire, prayers and several attempts later of explaining my situation to someone higher than the person I spoke with over the phone.

My mother and brother recently went to France just this past Spring and I wish I could have gone with them but I have duties to my family and I can’t just go about living my “pack and go” lifestyle before I was married. There are good things and bad things about being married and I can say God saw it fit for me to live a grounded life for about 10 years now. Although soon enough, it seems we have a prospect of moving somewhere and I am hoping that it is God’s will for my family because I am a little bit tired of being in a 2 season state. I honestly love seeing the leaves turn colors heralding the season’s change.

I know people can’t seem to shake off thoughts of Paris and going to Paris but just seeing the news and what’s transpiring there as of late, I can honestly say my desire for Paris in particular has drastically waned. Don’t get me wrong, if I could go there with my entire family, I would love it but I can’t say it would be my prime go to destination in Europe. I think I’d rather go to Iceland or Greenland. I haven’t researched it yet but I know I certainly don’t want to be in a country where Islamic terrorism has found its niche. But then again, it will only be a matter of time where that would be common if people don’t wake up and stand up to those who want to strip us from our lifestyle of exercising our free will.

[Image Credit: Wayfair.com]

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