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Indulging In My Weakness


Apart from going through bouts of materialism, prayerlessness (when I pray I get easily distracted in my head- I find writing my prayers down in my Journaling Bible helpful) and impatience, C H O C O L A T (en francais) is one of my weaknesses. I’m sure there are a host of others but there’s no point in writing a thoroughly self-incriminating post.

There’s nothing like indulging on a German Chocolate Danish on a cold Sunday afternoon after a very timely and surreal sermon. What I mean by this is, it seemed like the pastor knew my family’s situation about being new transplants to a new place and formed a sermon on that. Seriously. One of my main gripe about moving was giving up my car. While the beginning of the sermon was specific for my husband, the ending was addressing my complaint especially when he said something along these lines, “Yeah, losing your freedom is tough. Not being able to drive anymore.” My son looked to my direction as he heard me chuckle at what the pastor said because he knows my issue about that all too well.

We came out of church being clued in as to why God moved us (which addressed the question and issue I had on a previous post seen here). Now, it’s time to step up to the plate and act accordingly and get ready for whatever it is God wants to do in our lives.

God is so loving He would do whatever it takes to crank up the heat and make one leave from a point of stagnation from the circumstance of having to pack and leave on such short notice. We packed everything in 2 days and it was truly hell. It was when I got to this place that I realized I have abused God’s grace by keeping more stuff than I should and with this, I still struggle. I mean I practically only use 3 pairs of shoes all the time and yet, shoe boxes literally monopolize the closet space. I haven’t bought a pair since last year and God has helped me with that. What I need help now is to get rid of those I barely even touch.

How in the world did I get from German Chocolate Danish to being a shoe addict? Well, there goes another one of my weaknesses.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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