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Nothing New Under The Sun

… But if one’s good is really bad, evil becomes the new normal.

Our most recent destination was Newberg, OR. We’ve passed through here plenty of times heading to the airport. It’s a small suburb minutes away from Portland. We took a stroll around the city where the college is located by the downtown area. I’m not sure if it’s like this all-year round but most establishments had rainbow flags by the window. I’m assuming it’s probably because it’s PRIDE month or because the new generation is just open to the idea in general.

I’ve entitled my post nothing new because the homosexual agenda has always been pervasive in society. It’s only when Christianity had a commanding influence that seemingly reversed it, but knowing what the Word of God says of the time we find ourselves living in, we are faced with the reality that society’s normal is an aberration- where clear distinction is a thing of the past. If there were no heterosexual men and women, there would be a drastic decrease in population. There is a twofold push for this agenda. Since homosexual relationships will never produce an offspring biologically, it appears to be the sustainable relationship of choice for the global citizen who is concerned about earth’s “overpopulation” problem. Second, same-sex relationships will never conform to biblical morality and the god of this age (2 Corinthians 4:4) encourages people to engage in any act that God finds abominable.

I recently heard a so-called Baptist pastor who prayed against the influence of straight white men like himself. The pastor mentioned what was a true embodiment of what society loves to hate, racism and sexism in one nifty sentence that was sure to please the crowd during a commencement speech. I do find it ironic that in a society that prioritizes loving the self, it finds no problem and does not object to a man’s self-hatred especially if they’re heterosexual caucasian men. Decrying the white race has become standard even for college-age caucasians from both genders. Being non-white, it is truly mindboggling than impressive.

Newberg looks like a pleasant place and considering the location, I would not mind moving there. However, after we took that walk and knowing the social climate, I don’t know if Christians would be welcome there. Most people are welcome anywhere until they start talking and really stand up for the truth without compromise. We did pass through a church which oddly happened to look like a shop. Newberg is adjacent to another city we passed where a church proudly displays a rainbow flag within its premises all year long. It’s a good thing that the LGBT affirming churches acknowledge that God exists, but the truth remains that the PRIDE symbol means the utter denial of God’s authority over their lives. The cold hard truth is that we CANNOT be under God’s grace unless we submit to Him. What the world finds commendable is detestable in God’s sight (James 4:4 , Romans 8:7).

The day was beautiful and we had a positive experience, but the sidewalk leaf is what I consider memorable out of our visit.

To the LGBT person who is/might be reading this:

God loves you and He does not want you to be subject to His wrath. May you choose the Lord Jesus Christ who gave His life so that you may be reconciled to God in righteousness and peace, over a life that only leaves you empty. Calling on the name of Jesus is the one and only step to your deliverance.

For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

John 3:17

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  1. I like the way you state this–no hatred or condemnation, just simple truth.
    Another thing that concerns me about the alphabet-soup pride movement is that it robs the beauty of friendship. Two people of the same gender can love each other deeply without it being a sexual thing. By suggesting that all love is sexual love, the movement undermines friendship itself. David and Jonathon, Holmes and Watson, Bert and Ernie–they don’t have to be gay to have a wonderful friendship. J.

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