On Birds Tweeting & Twits

2015 Florida

I didn’t have to go far to see this thing. It was perching outside our window. What a blessing to see such a beautiful bird.

2011 Florida

Never been on Twitter, but it’s public knowledge people end up ganging up on everyone in those platforms. They have a way of riling people up. It’s because their engineers designed these platforms to be one big social experiment. You can read a testimony of one who realized the evils being unleashed on the masses here.

2010 Florida

I’d like to hear this bird tweet all day. It’s quite relaxing, but when people “tweet” on Twitter, they run the risk of turning into twits. I’m not calling anyone this. Here’s the evidence.

Why do you think they call it “Twitter”? I just recently read a blogger detailing that she loses her peace whenever she gets on it. This machination is literally turning people into definition number one. As we all can see, these bad companies (this is a pun) especially Fakebook and ‘Twit’ter corrupt good morals.

2011 Florida

Wean yourself and you might just recover your sanity in a world gone mad. These ‘neutral’ devices aren’t as neutral as they claim. They breed bias like wildfire and this coupled with the raw human condition is partly to blame on why our country is drowning in misery today.


  1. I have never been on Twitter—Facebook WAS bad enough!

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