Planned Parenthood Reasons for Abortion


Before my encounter with Jesus Christ, I have exercised the liberties of Abortion in this country and have walked into one of the Planned Parenthood counseling centers in NYC.

For those who want to get an Abortion they

• do not want to take on the responsibility they have subjected themselves to by their own actions.
• simply do not want to make room caring for a child in their lifestyle of partying, drug use, casual sex and gets in the way of their excessive career goals.

These two reasons are conjured purely by the Abort “er’s” will, which in turn gets justified by the following:

Reasons/ “Excuses” Planned Parenthood tells you why Abortion is the best answer:

• The mother cannot afford to raise a baby financially and should not subject the baby to poverty and end up depending on government assistance.
• The mother is emotionally incapable and unstable to raise a child.
• The mother is involved in heavy drug use during the most crucial part of the baby’s brain development subjecting the baby to be born with possible drug-related birth defects.
• The mother is conceiving an abusive partner’s baby.

When one does not have any regard about the moral implications, all these reasons sound logical and practical.

On the very same day I got the procedure at a clinic somewhere in Midtown Manhattan, I saw a woman there who literally carried the baby almost full term. I believe she looked to be about 8 months pregnant. I was in my first trimester and barely showed any baby bump but it doesn’t detract the fact that I was there to put an end to a budding creature inside of me, one who would have called me “Mommy” had I allowed to let it live. Being there for the same reason she was, I thought nothing of it but as I remember that to this day, it is quite horrific if I allow myself to truly dwell on it.

They showed me the ultrasound and as I saw the baby’s heartbeat, I had a change of heart. I told the doctor I did not want to go through with it as I was laying on the operating table, but they told me there was no turning back and that the expensive fee was non-refundable. The procedure cost about $500 dollars.

The very lasting impression I got after the procedure was waking up in deep agonizing pain in a room full of girls moaning and screaming for their mothers. But where are the mothers? Mothers no more. Nowhere to be found. They have made a decision for themselves without the counsel of their mothers of their choice not to become a mother.

If our parents and our parent’s parents pursued their very own spirit of selfishness, none of us would be here today. Christians and non-Christians alike, let us make a stand to make Abortion illegal.

It makes me think why I had to be one of those who had to experience Abortion to testify to the severity of its moral evils. I remember saying to myself I would never do it but one lesson I have learned the hard way is no one can trust a theoretical proclamation about what to do or not do until they find themselves faced with the situation. Only then can we test the integrity of our resolve. The biggest irony in it all is that our society sees the evil in genocide yet fails to see the evil of infanticide by way of Abortion, a premeditated end of a baby’s life, justifiable and branded as a woman’s right.

Lastly, my encounter with Jesus Christ has freed me from any guilt associated with the wrong choices I have made. I have been forgiven and made new in Him.

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  1. Thank you, Caeli, for your honesty. So grateful that the Lord Jesus delivered us from evil of this kind and every kind!!

    1. Most definitely. It’s great that God uses flawed people. There’s no sin ever so great that the blood of Jesus Christ has not paid. It is quite unfathomable but it is the truth and it shows His faithfulness that once we accept Christ’s finished work on our behalf and truly repent, He will blot it out.

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