Pop & Prosperity

…while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

2 Timothy 3:13 NIV

Carambola! It’s been raining nonstop since yesterday. Picking up where I left off, if we’re not firmly grounded in Jesus Christ and His teachings through His Word (any other way only leads us astray), everything we thought we had will surely go up in smoke.

There are people who may be new to the faith and make things up as they go along and there are wolves who are so intent in getting a miracle transfer of funds from your bank account to theirs. Below is what the remnant body of believers are up against.

The images are clickable to the exact minute marker on the clip to view it from the respective original sources.

Holy Spirit Activate!

Pop Christianity

I’m a little slow on the viral videos circulating on most mainstream social media platforms, but this “Holy Spirit Activate!” bit is embarrassing. I used to love listening to Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On” back in the days, but this is something that should not be emulated from a professing believer.

Walking according to the Spirit is exhibited in a blameless lifestyle which cannot be invoked by doing some kind of silly dance or mantra. This seems to be trending nowadays which can also be seen below. It’s stuff like this that gives genuine Christianity a bad name. As for Mrs. Baldwin, I hope she has truly given her life to Jesus Christ.

There Arose A Mother

Prosperity Christianity

And here’s Paula White (more like whitewash). She’s known to speak ‘raka raka wan bum lung’ in her church. Don’t look up the weird gibberish because that’s truly how it sounds like when they speak in tongues. She is doing a “Queen Bee” dance in her sermon here. She also happens to mention “Activate”. She is a familiar face in former President Trump’s faith-based gatherings and it is truly sad that a false teacher has become the face of Christianity to the secular world.

A Christianese lifestyle will not endure the hard blows of life, but only life with the Holy Spirit residing in a person.


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[Image 2|Screenshot from Family Feud  Image 3| Screenshot from Paula White Ministries via youtube]

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