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There was something different about the first day of November last year from this yearrain.

Two days ago

Not only that, the white variety seems to be a bit slow this year. Most are still buds and only a few are blooming compared to last year. I was expecting the blooms to be similar as the previous year, but even in that, things are different from the weather, all the way to how life is and the world in general.

Even as we are told to do certain measures to resume to normalcy, reality is that we can never go back to how things were.


Nothing and no one can stop God’s timetable. We could hope that things could have been better, but even the previous president’s tenure was a boon for false prophets claiming to accurately prophesy his election to the presidency. It is during a time of prosperity that most people forget God. This happens to all of us. Even now that things are bad, some are asleep and immersed in a life of complacency. We all hate when the alarm clock sounds. Our first instinct is to always go back to sleep. God knows we all could use a rude awakening.

“So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the doors!”

Matthew 24:33


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