The Gift Of Heaven

A purely biblical perspective from a trusted Bible expositor, The Gift Of Heaven by Charles F. Stanley is a short primer on the life that awaits the believer. Abound with promises and encouragement, the book addresses questions a believer or a truth seeker (someone who has thought about converting to Christianity but is yet to make a life-changing commitment to Christ) might have about the believer’s ultimate destination such as

who’s going to be there,

what it’s going to be like,

what we would be doing there

and everything else we could expect in heaven.

It has 10 chapters of insights and supplementary words of comfort (secondary to the Bible of course) for someone who may be going through the vicissitudes of life, to strengthen one’s faith especially during times when one feels too pressed to express themselves but would rather find solace in book form. With all of the pain and troubles in this life, who would not want to think of heaven?

Straightforward and written in a way that is easily understood, this book is a quick read since it is in a visual format with probably a third of its pages graced with such striking, scenic/nature photography which I find to be visually compelling.

It is beautifully formatted in a sewn, square hardcover with the book title in gold. It has thick glossy pages displaying an ever constant reminder of the greatness and splendor of the One who created all things and the One who gave each believer the promise of heaven. I am truly delighted to add this to my bookshelf. This is intended as a gift book and would make a great “just because” gift to the spiritually-minded special someone in your life or to any believer.

John 10:9, John 14:6

[I received a free copy of this book for an honest review from]

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