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Treason In The Guise Of Tolerance

The younger generation, the educated college kids are busy protesting the clear will of the people. This is the unfortunate yet successful fruit of the education system’s brainwashing.

If this world’s higher learning means:

– that my distant cousins are monkeys

– that nothing can create absolutely everything

– that one can be “moral” apart from a righteous origin

– there are no moral absolutes and everything is relative

– a person is not bound by the clear distinction of the gender they are born into

then gladly, I’d rather remain stupid.

Below is the treasonous act of the current administration to disregard the clear disagreement of FL’s governor, (the state where I live) to accept the admittance of refugees posed as migrants without having been given full disclosure on who they are and of their ideological leanings.


It’s not that I don’t have any tolerance or compassion for the Middle Eastern migrants but not even their Muslim counterparts are willing to accommodate their Muslim fellowmen into their country, yet Saudi Arabia is willing to fund mosques to be built in Germany granted that they accept the refugees?

What does that mean? It means they don’t want to accept the refugees in Saudi Arabia because they are already Muslims. They want to disperse the Muslims to Europe so they can convert Europeans into Muslims.

These Muslims have no intention to assimilate and respect the culture of their host country. They intend to replace the population with their heavy birthrate. Any non-Muslim who marries a Muslim, their children are automatically Muslim. They practice polygamy and assuming a Muslim man has 4 wives, he can have close to 12 kids in 3 years alone. Move them into a European region whose people have given up on having kids, their population is sure to be taken over.

Yet, because we want to keep America as America, people who love this country are labeled as bigots, Islamophobes and Xenophobes.

What’s sad is even the LGBT community defends Islam. If these protesters love Islam so much, why don’t they just go move to an Islamic country and see how that goes? Islam demands that homosexuals should be put to death. The LGBT community hates Christians because we want to tell them the truth whereas they defend those who want to physically kill them.

These protesters are blinded by their own intolerance. They are intolerant to Truth and intolerant of Christians. The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that when Barack Obama won the election twice, we respected and accepted the result and moved on. Why can’t they accept the will of the majority?

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  1. They cannot accept the decision because they love evil, to express their sinful behavior to America so that those who look upon them may join. They love sin rather than righteousness that’s why they favored the current administration who indulged that lifestyle. Evil people love darkness and by voting for Mr. Trump, the light was turned on so they scurried back to their hole. The reactions is their gnashing of teeth.

    1. Hopefully no more penalties for the majority who refuse to say Ze or Zher or whatever made up gender pronoun they have out there.

  2. Mostly the Muslim population here pretty much melts in with the rest of America, especially the Muslim youth. The exact opposite takes place in the East. So you have two different worlds: two extremes. I don’t think that the homosexuals would enjoy living in the Islamic countries at all. But naturally, they have no idea because most have not even visited. They don’t realize that the same Christians who vocally “persecute” them in the USA, would be the first to sacrifice their own lives to save them in the East.

  3. Actually I’m not sure about the Muslim population melting here. I see more and more women in hijabs where I am at. I don’t have a problem with that but I know for sure what their Quran teaches about infidels, that they are commanded not to even make friends with us infidels. If they are not Sharia abiding, I don’t have a problem with that.

    What I do have a problem however, is that the administration puts in the media so-called marginalization against Muslims, but never the clear marginalization of Christians both here and abroad. Barack Obama might not blatantly say he is Muslim, but being raised in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in Asia, he might be truly Muslim but employing Taqiyya. His allegiance to Islam is loud and clear with his media and his policies.

  4. Caeli, thank you for posting about the resettlement non-vetting problem. The chief mandate of the president is to protect us and He is failing in this. As you know, as always, it’s time to pray. Lord bless you!

    1. Yes, Amen. More prayers are definitely needed. God has given this country a reprieve for a time to turn His people to Him. Israel and our messianic brothers are so happy of the outcome of the election.

      Hopefully the president-elect will deliver on his proposed halt on immigration only until this country can find an effective vetting process. No one should be apologetic to desire in ensuring safety of the citizens first. It is only prudent. America is our home.

    1. That’s what I personally believe. It doesn’t mean though that even when things look as though it will be going for us, we sit back and resume to inaction. We are called to be vigilant and to discern the times for it is during a time of peace that destruction will come all of a sudden.

      Also, he has not been sworn in yet and the enemy is intent to inflict as much damage to this country. Imagine college kids having to deal with having to address people in their preferred pronoun that is unheard of for any time in history! I believe Obama’s push for the admittance of unvetted refugees might be his gift that keeps on taking to America.

      But with everything, we are in God’s hands.

  5. Caeli, I just learned that there is serious talk that the election isn’t over, and that the Democrats are trying to get the Electoral College to flip votes. December 19 they cast their votes, with only a small monetary fine imposed. Prayer.

    1. I actually have not heard that and will look into the validity of that. Whatever happens, God is in control.

      You can see the enemy behind resisting God’s will and challenging the will of the people. The majority has chosen. Why bow to a vocal minority? If ever what they want happens, that is truly a clear indication the system indeed has failed.

      Will pray even harder. Thanks.

      1. ALL believers are mandated to pray for their elected officials. We are called to do no other! Amir Tsarfati actually warned the believers that there will be an onslaught of attacks and strongly urged us not to be complacent.

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