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It’s been awhile since my last blog post. We came back from the trip almost two weeks ago and somewhere in between getting through the jet lag (I found myself getting up around 2 AM to cook rice on the first week) and the flu (dunno if I caught it from the sudden change of temperature or maybe because it is flu season when we came back), I find myself wishing I was still there. Don’t get me wrong, I love the autumn chill, but coming back to the reality of the overly political state of affairs here compared to the simplicity of life in the tropics, being there is almost like being time warped to the 80’s from mindset to the songs being played on the radio.

A bride and groom taking a selfie and two bffs enjoying the sun.

Coral reefs from the glass-bottom boat ride. My son and I were both sea sick. I wish I could have taken a better picture of the deep sea caverns but maybe next time. We ended up jumping into the water.

A mural

The best way to alleviate the stinging sensation from having stepped on one is to have someone urinate on it. Really. No sea urchins…

Organic flower salad

Garbage never looked so good.

A spiritual reminder at the resort…

I’m wondering when I’ll go there again.

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