Into The Gray

Lincoln City, Oregon

My family decided to venture out to the Oregon coast yesterday. It was gray all day but nothing was going to stop us. Honestly, I never experienced rain and gray skies as much as I have in the past fews months that I’ve been here. Even now as I am typing, it is raining. It can truly get depressing specially when I got so accustomed to sunny skies all year long, although FL temperatures can get quite brutal due to the humidity. Bleccch. Come to think of it, I’m kinda glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore.


Do you ever wonder if birds think? I mean we know they are capable of retaining information about flight and migration patterns and defense mechanisms for survival but this one seems to be thinking deep thoughts as it gazes into the horizon. Maybe something like “Hmm, I’m missing my family” or “What’s for dinner?” I tried to google this question up and since we haven’t seen someone in the modern world who has literally been successful at deciphering bird language or has been able to have a real conversation with a bird, everything pretty much falls under speculation, scientifically speaking.

There is an incident recorded in the Bible however, where birds literally carried out instructions in 1 Kings 17:6 regarding God’s supernatural provision to Elijah the prophet,

“The ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening, and he drank from the brook.

We are also given another glimpse of an animal thinking and actually speaking in the Book of Numbers (22:21-32) to Balaam. I won’t include the obvious part in scripture about the serpent in the garden since that was Satan in disguise.

There are more recorded in the Bible regarding animals and their capacity to carry out instructions, the lion who mauled the man of God, the big fish in Jonah, and the cows that took the Ark of the Covenant to Israel. Do animals think? Sure. Why don’t we have the capacity to understand animals? If animals could verbally appeal for their lives on an emotional level to us humans, I don’t think we would have any protein food source left. Imagine a cow or a chicken begging for its life and saying, “Please, I don’t want to be today’s dinner.” God certainly did not design it that way.

Today is pretty much the same thing. Gray gray just like last week and the week before and the week before that. The sun peeks but only for short bursts and then, it’s back to the same ‘ol gray. What have I gotten myself into? But, I suppose I can listen to the natives and hope for better days to come. Spring, how much longer must I wait for you?

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