NIV Kids’ Visual Study Bible Review

The NIV Kid’s Visual Study Bible would serve as a great beginner’s study bible not just for kids but maybe even for an adult new believer. It is complete with interesting facts pertaining to the time a particular book was written, pictures, maps and various illustrations to make the text come alive.

Its vibrant colors and presentations are sure to keep the reader engaged while learning godly precepts and most importantly, getting to know more about the nature of God, the Creator of all things from what is revealed in His written word.

Each book’s synopsis is presented in a graphical format covering the author of the book, why it was written, lessons to be learned and themes to be expected. The pages are sectioned in a vertical column format bordered with a yellow sidebar where the commentaries on select key verses are located.

It is full of fun facts to stimulate your child’s curiosity in visually captivating infographics.

Highly informative not just theologically but also with historical and cultural backgrounds focusing on key regions (biblical sites). The commentary is geared to easily be understandable even for readers as young as elementary school-aged children.

The book is approximately 2 inches thick including the cover, truly visual and colorful all throughout which gives it a youthful vibe. It comes with a convenient built-in ribbon bookmark in blue. It is in hardcover and is sewn for durability to withstand daily usage for years to come. If you have children attending Vacation Bible School, it would make a great gift and an excellent resource to take. It is never too early to nurture your child’s interest especially when it comes to spiritual things which can make a lifetime impact that carries on to eternity and is needed even more than ever before.



  1. Your post makes me want to read it

    1. There’s always a kid in everyone 🙂
      I actually like this a lot but I always go back to my NKJV.

      1. NKJV is a trust worthy translation

    1. Hello. This sells for $20.99 at Thanks for visiting my blog.

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