Love takes no pleasure in evil, but rejoices in the truth ♥ 1 Corinthians 13:6

The Letter

You are reading this because somehow, our sovereign God has allowed us to cross paths, either in the past, present and possibly future… The gospel tract on the bottom was really touching to me and worthy of sharing.

As a disclaimer, posting this is not meant to attack your conviction but my main goal is to remind you that life doesn’t stop right here in the now. Most of us invest in the now and we neglect investing towards where we spend our eternity.

I just want to clarify that the term “Born Again” does not refer to a denomination. It is a state of being. The definition of being Born again is

* A) You may have been borne into the Christian faith but you haven’t had any REAL encounter with GOD in your early years until you got to a pivotal point in your life where you cried out to Jesus Christ and sought him with your heart and soul, asked him to truly reveal what the truth is, laying aside what your human finite mind knows… and suddenly your life had a U TURN… or

* B) You were an atheist/ non believer and you decided to take a leap of faith and accepted Jesus as your Savior and your life had a U TURN…

In a nutshell, the term born again pertains to putting off the old self to live a life yielded to the Holy Spirit after surrendering your entire being and everything that you know to Jesus Christ. This by no means indicate that you become perfect as we literally inhabit a sin body.

My question is… Are you truly willing to die for a religion that is being passed on to you by tradition without truly humbling yourself to examine its origins and adamantly clinging to your truth which might be a lie?

Ask God to reveal to you nothing but the truth.

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