Caught Up In Cold Weather

Thu, 15 December 2022 08:09:03 AM

It’s hard to be a “Climate Change denier” when you literally see them do it right before your eyes. Wondering if those are even manned aircraft. They are so coordinated. They don’t seem to like clear blue skies too much. This post was drafted exactly a week ago.

Thu, 15 December 2022 10:07:51 AM

A couple of hours later, some few more passes of “contrails”. It’s been pretty cold lately. We all got the flu almost two weeks ago. The first two days truly sucked, but happy to say no Tylenol was taken to break any fevers–just the trusty Green tea, honey & lemon and plenty of Orange Juice and plenty of rest. We have gotten some sunny days here and there, but definitely not enough to get any health benefit.

Got a little bit too comfortable staying off the blog. Been hearing the buzz about Matrix-like baby farms and the formation of cyborg circuits in some hocus poke vials. Wondering if those self-assembling things have caused the pivot of death.

Looking back to this… nineteen is attached to the catalyst of the brave new world.

They have been pretty straightforward with their plans for the world, just as they are acting according to how God’s Word laid it out when the time of the end is supposed to be operating in unrighteous deception. We are merely looking at the images “they” publicize. Apparently, people who think are just too much of a problem. The Chinese Panda appears to be sitting on top of the world. “Modern(a)” man holding the phone with the QR code and the DNA tattoo. The deliberate orchestration of plagues, famine and death via tabletop exercises and worldwide simulations conducted within the same year.

Every passing day is a day closer to Revelation 6. We’re obviously not quite there yet since some paper money are still in circulation and Christians are still around. It continues to boggle the mind how some assert the events in Revelation to have happened in the annals of the past when we are literally seeing the world being ushered to the never-before CBDCs.

It’s been good to stay off the blog. As the day of the Lord is fast approaching, the same message goes out to today’s receptive mind.

“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6 NIV

My winter wish for you, is that you be spared from the flu.

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