Focusing On The Identified

From one smoke screen to another, it seems they are banking on the fear generated from all the unidentified possibilities. Evil capitalizes on fear so that everyone remains in a state of paralysis like the past two years. You see, it’s more therapeutic to focus on identified flying creatures.

It’s rumored the mysterious balloon could have some potential bioweapon released from the skies which was shot down just days from a derailed train which also happened to release a plume of toxic smoke to the skies. If the first scenario is true, there’s something wrong with the air. Scenario two’s toxicity is identified to have visible immediate effects with the fishes floating up in the water within two days after the derailment according to locals.

There seems to be an interesting occurrence of environmental disasters when the country happens to be run by democrats like the BP Oil spill when Biden was vice president, and now, another environmental catastrophe in Ohio. This occurrence is quite evident. Could it be because they are the champions of environmentalism? What a great opportunity it is presenting itself so that the world may see how much these folks can rise to the occasion–how true they are to their pitch.

As for the former UN ambassador on her presidential bid, we know it’s not a good thing when identity politics have to be combated with identity politics. She starts her pitch stating her non-white status and ends it with being in heels. I have nothing against a South asian descent woman running for president.  It is truly mindboggling how Trump was able to remain standing after countless accusers of sexual misconduct coming forward. The only concern here is will she have the tenacity to withstand the democrats’ tactics when they start tearing her to pieces? Hopefully, she’s not one of the controlled opposition.

“By justice a king gives a country stability,
but those who are greedy for bribes tear it down.

Proverbs 29:4 NIV

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