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Oh My! Where’s The Blue Sky?

Been neglecting my blog lately not out of depression, but because reacting to worsening conditions on a repeat basis is simply not beneficial. I can’t remember how many end times posts I’ve written on this blog.

It’s supposed to be Summer, but the sky looks like it’s the usual late Fall and early Spring in the NW. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have mild temperatures compared to scorching heat, although blue skies sure is a mood booster not just for people, but even for birds.

This post is a mini dump of some favorite pictures within the past week.

Something odd did happen. Since we continually pass a Marijuana dispensary on the main road, I’ve taken a couple of pictures to show the stuff they say on their signs and used it on a couple of blog posts on JohnThreeXVI. Just yesterday, I had a missed call from a place I had to look up to know what it was. It happened to be a drug rehab housing. I consider this wrong number incident a silly joke. My husband was talking about Utah just yesterday and today, he “coincidentally” got emails from Utah rentals. There’s really no other word to describe this but creepy. If they have this much detail about you and what they “perceive” you to be doing in just the conditioning stage, imagine the type of world it would be when they truly have their way.

The Chinese nightmare has been imported and got their way into the United Socialists of America through paid operatives in the cesspool we used to know as the White(wash) House. Is there hope for America? If those who hold power are deeply involved in the most unspeakable of evils and continue to push intent and imaginations that are “evil continually” (Genesis 6:5), we may truly find ourselves in the point of no return. In a way, some people already know this to be the case. Why else would they build doomsday bunkers? People, especially the ones who “build the future” have the habit of preparing for anticipated events.


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