December 1st. I made a promise to my children that the tree would be set up and so it did. To be honest, putting up the tree was the last thing on my mind. Having heard from some less than mainstream news outlets that Christmas is slowly being erased from our society since apparently, anything that has to do with Christmas has suddenly become so offensive to the vocal minority, suddenly gave me a change of heart. I mean seriously… We are looking at something unprecedented here and most people just want to pretend everything is peachy.

Sigh. I really am going to put up the tree as early as I possibly can before it becomes completely illegal to put it up even inside one’s home. What is this world coming to?

By the way, if someone says “Happy Holidays” to you, can you please bother to ask them which holiday they’re referring to? I think it is beyond absurd that saying “Merry Christmas” is deemed offensive…

The Christmas tree is pagan and it has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ, and yes, it is true December 25 is not Jesus’ birthday but we all know that Christmas is ascribed to Christianity.

If you have been following mainstream media, you will not see coverage of the widespread movement of the removal of anything “Christian” in this country. It is completely and deliberately suppressed.

My picture is to depict the Christmas tree, a symbol of Christmas out of focus. A fitting depiction of a beloved tradition gradually fading to oblivion if the society keeps on this downward path called political correctness.

Believers of Jesus Christ, I plead that now is the time to wake up from your slumber… Speak up for TRUTH!