Garden Woes & The Tree For All

April 27 2021

I could go on talking about the battle that was literally waged on my plants today. A critter buried some of my newly transplanted seedlings and it not only happened once, but twice! I had no idea whether it was a squirrel or a neighbor’s loose dog the first time since that thing just goes under the wooden fence. My husband theorized a squirrel had a vendetta on me since I found his growing hazelnut and I moved it. I intend to grow it. It’s too dark to take a picture of it now so maybe tomorrow. The second time, a cat decided to fertilize my sunflower and it conveniently buried it. By that time, I was furious. If you have any tried and tested suggestions, I’d love to know.

Besides the joy-stealing furry little villains, I engaged in front door birding today. I literally just stood outside by the front door to find different birds perching on this Eastern Black Walnut tree. In exactly two months from now God-willing, its leaves will look more like this.

June 27 2020

But for now it looks more like this and it’s a cozy stop for a robin.

I don’t constantly stare at the tree. I just happen to hear when they’re around and if I’m not doing anything, I watch them. Just a couple of hours later, a female sparrow decided to stop by.

She looked at me! She couldn’t wait too long.

Her date got there a few minutes too late.

September 2020

In about four months from now, the Walnut tree will bear fruit.

I wish the critters would just stay on this tree (it’s the same one seen here) and leave my plants alone.

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